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About Us

Host Surveys offers the fast and affordable market research solutions that most businesses will find useful. Our solutions are based on years of experience helping businesses in Ireland. We take the pain out of getting your survey or customer feedback systems up and running. We've got the technical expertise, tools and years of survey design experience to make sure you are asking the right questions among the right people. Our solutions are quick to implement and fully supported by the experts in Direction Research Group Ltd.

Our solutions work! - you'll soon discover why other market research agencies use us to help them with their online surveys. Whether you're a brand owner, retailer, business owner, webmaster, or an association thinking about your members, if you have a survey or feedback programme and need to get it going, - get in touch with us now and we'll have you up and running in no time.

With our surveys we help you ask the right questions, gather the right data and provide the insights that you can act upon.

Independence 100%
Advice 100%
Expertise 100%
Online experience 100%

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Feel free to get in touch with us by either sending us an email info@hostsurveys.com or by giving us a call on 01-8901011, we'll do our best to help.